Artist Biography

Tracee Murphy Watercolor ArtistTracee Murphy is a self-taught watercolor artist living in Corpus Christi, Texas. She started painting with watercolors in 1998. To reinforce her talents she studies with local and nationally known artists taking workshops as often as she can. Primarily working with transparent watercolor on paper, she experiments with various techniques to use watercolor along with alternative and non-traditional painting surfaces such as Yupo. Besides watercolor, she works with collage and acrylics on paper or canvas.

The subjects of her paintings reflect living and growing up on the Gulf Coast of Texas, the hill country, and the eastern coast of Massachusetts. Painting a variety of subjects, she does not limit herself to certain subjects or style; however, flowers, shorebirds, and the beach top the list of her favorites. Traveling with her camera, she captures inspiration for many of her paintings, using the photos as merely a reference and not an exact representation.

Her painting method involves mixing paint on paper than on the palette. Employing a wet-in-wet technique, she initially applies water adding a key color. While the first color is still wet, she introduces added color by dropping it in, moving the paper in different directions. This fashion of letting the colors mix and mingle on their own, allows the painting to paint itself instead of the paintbrush doing all the work. Applying transparent layers of additional color and glazing, as needed, further develops the composition.

Tracee exhibits her work in art shows and venues around the coastal bend. She stays active in the art community volunteering her time to local art organizations. Since 2009, she has served as treasurer for the Watercolor Society of South Texas. She broadened the society’s social presence creating their website, blog, and Facebook page. She is the exhibit committee chairperson and updates the yearbook. She is on the exhibit committee for the Art Center of Corpus Christi.

Tracee resides in Corpus Christi, Texas with her husband Grady Murphy and three children, Lee, Seth, and Ireland.